As of November 2019, Palace Network will be 3 years old. We've spent the past 3 years forming an environment that focuses on family-friendly, safe content for kids, teens, and young adults.
From what we've seen, there is no longer a central place for people who want to gather and engage that prefer a family-friendly environment. Games such as Club Penguin focus on a specific player-base that enjoy that content specifically, however looking at the bigger picture there are games and communities out there that gear themselves towards a younger demographic without encouraging an age-appropriate, family-friendly environment. A good example of this is Epic Games' title Fortnite.
We're committed to providing an environment that encompasses an environment that's safe for everyone, from running your own communities to meeting new people to play games with, we want to make sure that we're eliminating as much of the inappropriate content that the internet exposes its users to on a daily basis.

Moderation & Community First - Always

Members of communities are often a product of their environment. If the overall community an individual is a part of is toxic, it’s safe to say that individual will display toxic behavior as well.

Our goal is to minimize toxicity and encourage positivity, and we’ve spent the last few years understanding what makes online communities tick. Combined, our leadership has over 10 years of professional community management experience with a focus on family-friendly content and we’re hard at work, using that knowledge and experience to create an unparalleled experience for you.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be revealing our upcoming project to you all - a project that we're extremely proud of, and are excited to bring you all into. We hope you're excited to embark on this journey with us, and we know that together we can build a platform that embodies the family-friendly culture that is currently missing from online gaming.
If you have any questions, you're more than welcome to reach out to me directly at [email protected]! We'll see you again real soon!

  • Brant, Co-Founder & CEO, Palace Interactive, Inc.